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Youth Incentive Awards and Scholarships

There are many ways an exhibitor can receive scholarships from participating at the Douglas County Fair.

Scholarships managed by the Douglas County Fair Foundation are:



The Douglas County Fair & Rodeo Royalty Scholarship fund provides financial awards annually to members of the program to assist them in pursuing higher education. These awards are wholly dependent on both the availability of funds and the successful completion of their Royalty year long reign, as well as represent the efforts put forth to assist the Douglas County Fair & Rodeo in marketing and overall promotion of our annual event.



Established in 2013, this scholarship is for winners, on a point system in a variety of events, who participate in the Home Town Rodeo.

Livestock Educational Grant Program

The Douglas County Fair Foundation and the Douglas County Fair Board along with Douglas County 4-H is proud to partner together and present the Livestock Educational Grant Program. The presenting sponsor for the program in 2015 was the Cherokee Castle and Ranch Foundation.

The Livestock Educational Grant Program provides deserving 4-H or FFA members the opportunity to have a livestock project and raise an animal donated to them from a sponsor. Participating sponsors include the Cherokee Ranch and Castle Foundation, Rocky Mountain Cattle Co, J-5 Cattle Co. and The Douglas County 4-H Foundation. The Douglas County Fair Foundation and the Fair Board support the Beef Educational Grant Program by providing knowledgeable livestock industry advisers to participants and the opportunity to show and sell their program calf at the Douglas County Fair & Rodeo.

Douglas County 4-H provides the structured educational program that teaches participants about the livestock industry and how to raise and care for market animals. Participants will learn, by doing, how to care for, raise, feed and sell a market animal. Sponsors will be able to contribute to the community and provide youth with an opportunity to increase their education, learn responsibility, and improve their citizenship.

The Livestock Educational Grant Program helps to form a bond between members of 4-H and FFA, as well as whomever the sponsor may be, in order to help continue the spirit of agriculture in Douglas County. The success of this program is the responsibility of the participant and their parents, sponsors, program advisers, the Douglas County Fair Foundation, the Douglas County Fair Board, Douglas County 4-H and all those interested in the support of agricultural education in Douglas County.

Each member selected to participate in the livestock Educational Grant Program receives an animal provided and selected by the sponsor as well as a monetary allowance to be utilized for feed for the program calf. All prize money and sale proceeds earned belong to the participant. The application period for the program opens in September and the animal recipient(s) will be notified prior to 4-H Achievement Night in November. For more information, rules and an application click this link.


  •  4-H Council - Ten - $1000. Funded by the Livestock Sale.
  •  4-H Foundation - One - $2500 scholarship renewable for 4 years.
  •  4-H plus Young Farmers and Homemakers - One - $1000 for community service.
  •  4-H Restrictive Scholarships - Awarded to participants in state or national competitions who place from first
        to third. They can be 8 to 18 years of age and the awards are held until they go to college.
  •  Young Farmers and Homemakers - One - $2000 that may be divided into more than one recipient.
  •  Geyger/Favor Award - One - for $500 to be used toward citizen trips to Washington etc.
        If won a second time, then a $500 cash award is given.
  •  Horse Steering Committee - Two - for $500 each.
  •  Shooting Sports - One - $1000. The Stuart Mazanec Memorial Scholarship.
        Specified for shooting sport participants only.


Many awards are given throughout the year, but are not in scholarship form. There are advancement opportunities that exhibitors can receive from FFA and other programs. All Scholarships and awards have unique rules and restrictions to the recipients.